Meet Dr. Clay Gangwisch

Clay Gangwisch, DMD

Dentistry is no easy profession. Arriving at work every day knowing that most people don’t want to come see you could give someone a complex or drive them into depression.

For more than 30 years, I’ve approached this as a challenge and try to convert people into enjoying each and every visit. In the time I have been practicing, I have been more than just successful in this endeavor.

As I look back on my years in practice, I realize that if I were given the opportunity to pick a career all over again, would I pick dentistry, without a doubt. I love what I do!

Education and Continuing Education

To provide the best possible treatment requires awareness of the latest and most proven techniques that become the new standard of care. To that end, I advance my education continually through my professional affiliations and continuing education publications.

Professional Affiliations

Outside the Office

I’ve spent the majority of my life participating in athletics. If there is an outside activity that requires some form of exercise, you can probably find me doing it: running, biking, swimming, Ironman, Half Ironman, sprint triathlons, beach volleyball, weightlifting, marathons, and adventure races. For relaxation, I enjoy an easy round of golf and boating to the local island.

I am a long time sponsor for the Anchorage Children’s Home and have recently been offered an opportunity to start helping underprivileged children in athletic events. I also volunteer for special events to provide dental care to those in need, including children and those in the military.